Seeking Help at the Last Moment临时抱佛脚

The clock struck eleven at night.The whole house was quiet.Everyone was in bed except me.Under the strong light,I looked gloomily before a huge pile of disgusting things they call "books".I was going to have my examination the next day."When can I go to bed?"I asked myself.??? The clock struck 12."Oh,dear!"cried 1,"Five more books to read before I can go to bed!We pupils are the unhappiest persons in the world.Mother does not agree with me on this.She did not have to work so hard when she was a girl."??? The clock struck one.I was quite hopeless now.I forgot all I had learnt."Who wrote David Copperfield?"I asked myself.I scratched my head.For a moment I could not answer.??? The clock stuck two.I was too tired to go on.I yawned.My eyes were heavy,so heavy that I could hardly open them.A few minutes later,with my head on the desk,I fell asleep.