one problem of the subway every morning i take the subway to school. when i get on the train, i hear the voice from the loudspeaker always announcing the wrong station's name. this is too bad, i have to count the stations or look out of the train window so that i know where to get off. but sometimes i can't seethe station's name on the sign at the platform because the train is too crowded. so it is difficult for me to know where i am. to make matters worse, when the same thing happens to foreigners or people from outside beijing, they always get off at the wrong station and lose their way. the subway does make life more convenient for us; it is fast and easy to take.but i hope this kind of situation will be improved in the near future.地铁的一个问题 每天早晨我乘地铁上学。我上地铁后,我听到喇叭里的声音总是报着错误的站名。这太糟糕了,我不得不自己数地铁站或看着窗外,这样我才知道在哪下车。但有时因为车上人太多,我看不清楚站台站牌上车站的名字。所以我很难知道自己到哪里了。 更糟的是,如果同样的事情发生在外国人或不是北京人的外地人身上,他们就总会下错站,就会迷路。地铁确实使我们的生活更加便利,地铁速度快,也很容易搭乘。但我希望这种情况能够尽早得到改进。